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‘Cover Art’ – in Full of Crow

‘I used chicken skin to begin with because of its ready availability, but I was soon dissatisfied with it for that very reason, as it dampened my enthusiasm for the end results.’ Not for the squeamish! Full of Crow

‘Oars for Legs’

‘Oars for Legs':

It’s very embarrassing to have a spasm in the middle of a – how shall we say – romantic interlude. Even more so when you have succeeded in trapping your paramour by the genitals and pinned him up against the wall. Cerebral palsy can be a bugger sometimes.

Out on Full of Crow: disability positive with a giggle and a smidgen of nearly-there science.

‘The Wild Rose and the China Doll’

‘On a frozen beach, brown waves thundering under a gritty pier and a grittier sky, God got his own back and I burst, sparkling, into life’. Full of Crow has beautiful graphics, and now it has ‘The Wild Rose and the China Doll'; I am so pleased.

You wait ages …

The Oxford Book of English Short Stories

Image by dalcrose via Flickr


… and three come along at once. Well, five, if you count ‘Lovely Girls‘ and ‘No Arrests‘. In the last few days, Full of Crow have taken ‘Arthur’s Stone’ and expect to publish it in October; Read Short Fiction took ‘Baby Bird’ to put up in the Spring; and Zouche Magazine & Miscellany have picked up my essay, ‘A Tale of Two Sixties’ and scheduled it for some time in the next 5-6 weeks. All a little bit wonderful.


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